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Thank you for your interest in the StoreeTree Memory Maker. Below are some common questions we have run across.

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I am not a techie, is this easy?

Our platform was designed to be SUPER EASY. We will walk you through every step of the process. First, you will choose the questions and plan you want. Then we will give you a few quick questions to warm you up like ‘what is your favorite ice cream flavor’. Once you get the hang of answering questions with the camera, you will click on the questions you selected and answer them one by one. When you are done, we use our software to put the video all together into your personal story. That’s it!

How long does it take to make the video?

Please plan on 20-30 minutes to record, review, approve, and check out. It could take longer depending on how many re-recordings you want, but you should plan on it taking at least 20-30 minutes of your time.

Is it very expensive to create my StoreeTree Video?

ST was designed to be very affordable. We have plans starting at only $19.95. Currently, our Platinum plan is only $29.95. It’s a small price to help you tell your Storee.

What if I don’t have a camera on my computer?

StoreeTree is a video-based site designed to enable you to tell your story in your own words, tones, and expressions. Although you can record without video, we highly recommend using the camera/video function. If you don’t have one, you can use a smartphone or borrow a computer that has a camera. You could even find an inexpensive Plug and Play web camera and quickly set that up.

What if I don’t like the video I record?

If you’re not happy with the video, you can just re-record it. You may re-record your answers as many times as you want. Once you have a video you like, just accept it and our software will move you on to the next question.

How do I know what to talk about?

During the creation process, you will choose the questions you want to answer and are comfortable talking about. We will warm you up with some easy questions like ‘What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?’. Once you feel ready to move on, then you can continue to answer your questions. We have a lot of great questions for you to answer. We recommend you jot down a few notes ahead of time to help you remember for the recording. One great rule is the ‘power of 3’. With remembering, listening and learning, our brains are great with 3 points, more and we can lose focus. So, if you can, make a note of up to 3 points – and I am sure your recording will be great.

Is there anything I can’t say or do on the video?

This is a family-friendly site, so please no cursing, swearing, or inappropriate attire in your videos. Please remember that this is your story for family, friends and generations to come. StoreeTree reserves the right to remove any videos deemed inappropriate to keep our site family-friendly for viewing. No refunds will be given for content that is removed from our website.

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